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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Private Track Inspections



CNRR has begun the Spring 2009 private track inspections -

The following information was supplied to the PIIA by CNRR representative; Mr. Clarence Whitehill; Track Supervisor, Memphis, TN:

1.                  All Privately owned Industry and Commercial tracks can be inspected at the discretion of the CNRR and as often every six month intervals.
2.                  The Industry/Owner will be given a one to two day notice of the pending inspection.
3.                  The Industry will be responsible to furnish:
a)                 An employee(s) or representative(s) to walk the track(s) with the CN inspector.
b)                 A profile or engineered drawing(s) of the rail track(s) under inspection
4.                  If any discrepancies are noted during the inspection and depending on the severity of the discrepancy, the track or tracks can be placed out of service by the inspector.
5.                  The Industry/Owner will receive a written inspection report from the CN after the inspection has been completed.
6.                  If any track is taken out of service, the Industry/Owner is responsible for necessary repairs.
7.                  Once the repairs have been completed, Mr. Whitehill will need to be notified; Cell 901-674-1191, Office 901-786-5778 email
8.                  Mr. Whitehill will then schedule an inspector to visit the site and verify repairs have been completed and all defects noted on the inspection have been corrected.
9.                  If successful, the track(s) will be placed back in service by the CN inspector and regular rail service will resume.
It has been recommended that effected Industry/Owner contact their track maintenance/repair vendor and have them present during the inspection.
Copyright 2005 by PIIA