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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

PIIA By-Laws


During our annual Members Meeting held on November 15, 2006, attendees received a presentation of proposed revisions to PIIA’s By-Laws prepared by the Board of Directors, and then voted approval of those revisions.

The revisions were a necessary step in updating our circa 1965 By-Laws to ensure PIIA may keep pace with current technologies, and yet remain reflective of PIIA’s specific role and responsibilities to its Members.

Please find for your reference or review a file copy of PIIA’s revised By-Laws (effective November 15, 2006).

As always, PIIA welcomes your comments, suggestions and/or input; please do not hesitate to contact any Board Member via this website, via email, and/or by telephone with respect to this or any other matter.

PIIA By-Laws

Copyright 2005 by PIIA